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I'm Confused About That Part Where Blackface Is Still A Thing

There was a little blackface incident at Presbyterian-related Whitworth University. Click here for the story. I like that university and I really respect the administration. See P.P.S. below. What I find absolutely puzzling is that this kind of incident isn’t isolated. I have seen countless reports during the 21st century of people (mainly on college campuses) dressing up like "Mexicans" or dressing in blackface or donning "Indian headdresses" or any other number of offensive things. I know I’m getting old when I think, “these idiots are going to be in charge of the world when I’m elderly and can no longer care for myself. Good luck to us.” Here’s the thing. These people probably aren’t idiots about everything. As I have said before, common sense isn’t common. It is taught. A perfectly savvy and mature young person might make a racist decision because someone, namely parents-pastors-teachers-older siblings-grandparents-friends-pop culture, never bothered t