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Next Church Gathering Day 3

The day began with a service of communion, led by McCormick alumni, might I add. YES I GOT TO GO TO SCHOOL WITH THESE WOMEN. Tweets were slow, respectful of the quiet and profound service. @goffashley THIS IS WHAT I LOVE. #liturgy @chris_corner Love God, Love Others, Do Stuff! We are The Body! @ELSchemper Worship this AM beautiful mix of Presby/Reformed strengths: ordered, biblical, thoughtful, old, innovative, participatory @awkukla From the remnants of that which bound us, new expressions of life, freedom, and grace are awakened. @revfelipe “This is the table where we member ourselves” I’d totally worship here @pulpit Liturgy questions: how is God opening ur eyes? Where r u experiencing God’s mercy? How about Gods [sic] grace? And a professional pointer from a graduate of one of those other seminaries… @mnewgale Apparently other seminaries aren’t teaching people not to ‘moon the congregation of the butt Jesus’ [sic] @CTSeminary J @kimunc03 All are welcome

Next Church Gathering Day 2

The second day of the NEXT Church National Gathering was long. We learned a lot. It was joyful and hard and we have many things to take back to our ministries. Our conversations can become concrete. We began with worship (well, some of us began with breakfast). Bagpipes kicked us off, which @Rev_AaronJWhite said, “Hearing ‘Brave Scotland’ playing on the bagpipes on St. Patrick’s Day! Bold move.” I said, “Free Scotland!” Sorry, St. Patrick’s Day (although so many people were sporting green that I think St. Patrick’s Day is well-represented). @mnewgale I *love* singing The Church’s One Foundation in a sanctuary full of singers. @PastorHallie “I’m sick of screens. I’m using the hymnal, damnit.” And when Brian Ellison began to preach, the Twitterverse went wild. @JoeGenau Will the church really have changed? I hope so…our very life as the body of Christ depends on it @shanibah Grow up church: speak the truth in love. @Raveler1 “May we believe that Truth isn’t j

NEXT Church 2015 Gathering: Day 1

We can all acknowledge it’s weird to mix the media, to have Tweets read from the church lectern. But that’s what we’re doing, knowing that the conversation is happening in multiple ways. If you’re like me, the conversation is happening live, in real time, at Fourth Presbyterian Church, while it happens via text and private message on a personal phone, while it also happens via Facebook, and while it happens on Twitter. Bringing the Twitterverse together with the live/real time conversation means bringing more voices to the conversation. We have formal responses to presentations up on the platform, and we have responses online. At morning worship, @TheRevHanPowell preached about Peter. There weren’t enough bulletins for everyone. (That’s cool, admit it.) Tweets heated up in a discussion about the use of Hozier’s “Take Me to Church” during worship. @TheRevHanPowell got a laugh out of us when she called our passing of the peace “competitive.” We wrote down things to let go