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Guns & Christians

I learned to shoot a .22 at church camp, and I am really good at it. My dad went hunting with parishioners. He held the gun while my brother shot at ground squirrels. But I hate guns. I went out to the movies with some friends a few nights ago, and thought to myself, “I shouldn’t text during the previews. An old white man might shoot me.” ( A man in Florida was shot after an altercation over texting during the previews in a movie theater. More here .)  (You might think this actually gives me a great reason to avoid old white men and the state of Florida, but that seems unrealistic.) I know I’m supposed to be all measured and moderate, and say that I hate it when people get ahold of guns illegally, or I hate it when people who own guns are irresponsible, and I support the right to bear arms responsibly, but that’s not it. I actually just don’t like guns. Yes, I know I live in the U.S. I am resigned to the fact that there are guns everywhere, and I have to deal with it.