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Racial Justice Resources, Chapter 2: For Church Study, Feminist Work, & Theology

Chapter 4: History & Poetry

I will take pity upon readers and open each chapter with the stuff that’s meant to be easy to read. But anyone (and I mean anyone) with access to a dictionary or a library can find a way into the other stuff here. I was reading college textbooks in high school and doing graduate-level statistical analyses as a junior in college. It sucked, but I learned a lot. That’s how I believe you can do some of this reading!

If you have suggested resources I didn't include, please add them in the comments!

For Church Study

For Presbyterian Church Groups

Becoming theBeloved Community: People of Faith Working Together to Eradicate Racism: A Study Guide for Presbyterian Women, produced by Presbyterian Women in DVD format, four 15-minute segments and accompanying study guide

For all Church Groups

Race in a Post-Obama America: The Church Responds, ed by David Maxwell (This is the only book in this list I've read, because I contributed to it.)
The UCC has resources for their Sacred Conversations on Race that can be helpful to everyone. 

Feminist Work (minus the Christian stuff)

killing rage: Ending Racism, by bell hooks (she’s written so much, it’s hard to choose just one)

Theology (This field grows just as fast as the feminist field, so there are many newer works I should have added but didn't. Also, if you noticed this looks incomplete, Womanism is going to get its own category in another chapter.)

Beyond the Pale: Reading Theology from the Margins, edited by Miguel de la Torre & Stacey Floyd-Thomas
A Reader in Latina Feminist Theology, edited by Maria Pilar Aquino, Daisy Machado, & Jeanette Rodriguez
Racism & God-Talk: A Latino/a Perspective, by Ruben Rosario Rodriguez
Deliver Us From Evil: Resisting Racial and Gender Oppression, by James Newton Poling
Off the Menu: Asian & Asian North American Women's Religion and Theology, edited by Jung Ha Kim, Kwok Pui-Lan, Rita Nakashima Brock, & Seung Ai Yang


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Racial Justice Resources, Chapter 4: History & Poetry

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